Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eligibility .. 
You Dont Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Host The Show. All You Need To Do Is To Know How To Talk. But Beware.. Thats Not As Easy As It May Look ( .. err, Sound :P ) . A Lot Of Us Can Speak, But Totally Suck At Talking.. 
There's A Fine Line Between Speaking And Talking. I Expect You to Be: 
  • Spontaneous:- Can Talk About Anything , Anytime.
  • Quick Thinker:- " Ross:I'm Gonna Be on TV !! They Are Doing A Feature On Me On Discovery Channel
    Chandler: WoW.. Who's Gonna Watch That "
                   'Hope You Get The Drift.'
  • Entertaining:- The Stupider You Are, The Better.. No, Seriously! 
In Short,All You Irritating Chatterboxes And Motormouths Are Welcome To Put Your Exceptional Talent To Some Use..

  1. Fill Out And Send The Audition Form Here
  2. Download Skype & Create An Account On It & then On Skype, Add 'YouthRadioFeedback'
  3. For Any Further Details, Contact Me ( Sarthak ).
I Need Atleast 5 Dynamic & Youthful People Who Could Host The Shows. Male Or Female, Doesnt Matter, But Atleast There Should Be One Female . We Live In A Male Dominated Society Afterall, A Female Voice Would Be Music To Many Ears :P 

This Audition/Interview Will Be conducted Over Skype, So You Dont Have To Go Anywhere. You Just Have To Sit In The Comfort Of Your Home. All You Need Is A Computer/Laptop ( You Seriously Wanna Ask Why, Dork ? ), An Internet Connection ( But Obviously ) And Skype ( DUH !! ).. And Also, Before I Forget, A Microphone. But I Dont  Think Microphone Would Be A Problem, Coz Even If You Dont Have One, You Can Insert You Cellphone's Headphones Into The ' Mic ' Jack Of Your Computer/Laptop. It Doesnt Matter If You Dont Have A Cam. We Wanna Hear You Speak. We'll Automatically Get To See You Once You Are Selected.. !!

And Also, You Auditions Will Be Taken Either By Me, Or By One Of My Friend At Youth Radio..

All Set ?!? Well Then, Please Fill This Audition Form Here , Get An Account On Skype, And Add 'YouthRadioFeedback' On Skype

This Audition Will Be A Normal 10-15 Minute Conversation, In Which We Will check the Way You Speak, How You Speak & What You Speak. You Are Advised To Prepare An Introduction To your Own Self & Also A 2 Minute Speech On A topic Of Your
So Thats Pretty Much About It, Good Luck Guys !! 

Do Whatever It Takes to Succeed
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